Thursday, August 11, 2011

..the ever so occasional internet hiatus

Hey Internet! I'm Back!

Every so often it happens, the internet takes a backseat to regular old "real life".

So while i was gone I was touring eastern Canada in search of adventure, some whales and lots of nature. It was one of the funnest trips i've ever been on. The excitment of traveling to a new place everyday was movitating and exhausting, but 3 weeks of living in a van are now past and now i've got a pretty good idea of what lays between my home in Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean.

While on the road I tried to post updates on Twitter to keep my memories in chronological order which is nice when all the moment turn into a mixed up slosh of fun times.

In the next while expect some inevitable "ketchup" posts, but also there are some exciting new projects in the works that i am excited to share once they are ready.

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