Sunday, August 14, 2011


"backscratch" pen and water colour 13x13cm 2011 Matt Mincoff

Thursday, August 11, 2011

superimposition updated

got a lot new photos up over on my photo Tumblr
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..the ever so occasional internet hiatus

Hey Internet! I'm Back!

Every so often it happens, the internet takes a backseat to regular old "real life".

So while i was gone I was touring eastern Canada in search of adventure, some whales and lots of nature. It was one of the funnest trips i've ever been on. The excitment of traveling to a new place everyday was movitating and exhausting, but 3 weeks of living in a van are now past and now i've got a pretty good idea of what lays between my home in Ontario and the Atlantic Ocean.

While on the road I tried to post updates on Twitter to keep my memories in chronological order which is nice when all the moment turn into a mixed up slosh of fun times.

In the next while expect some inevitable "ketchup" posts, but also there are some exciting new projects in the works that i am excited to share once they are ready.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fallen Friend

Missing you big time homie.
Beez 1990-2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

RE: Guess What!?

My Guess What artist talk at The White House Studio Project was amazing with a great turn out and a lot of interest about the concepts i've been working on. People sure get excited by the unknown.
There may be an audio or video recording of the lecture, but i am not sure if the internet is ready for that. In the meantime here is a photo from the evening.

My mind was in Kurdistan

I was approached by one of my friends from RMIT Rushdi Anwar earlier this year to participate in a group show when he visited Kurdistan during the spring. For the the past month my sculpture my mind was on display at Sadram Gallery in Kurdistan. Pretty awesome. Here's some pictures and details.



Group Exhibition " Untitled "
The essential quality of art inherited in its international language. It can find its own ‘home’ wherever it goes. Thereby, the boundaries are crossed and there artists, coming from different parts of the world, meet in Sulemani- Kurdistan. It presents its own authentic form.

Arlene Amaler Raviv
Caroline Kennedy - McCracken
Elmedin Zunic
Fernando Garcia Vasquez
Hua Cun Chen
Kavin Viasuwan
Krishnamurti Suparka
Matt Mincoff
Melanie Jayne Taylor
Polly Stanton
Rushdi Anwar
Steph Bolt
Trudy Moor

new superimposition

Updates are happening over at my phototumblr superimposition.
There is a lot of focus on landscapes going on at the moment which i am really excited about 
. click below and have a look for yourself


Lately I've been kicking back watching the world knitting itself into synchromystic sticky web. Well my reality at least.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Dundas Valley School of Art Annual Auction

If you are interested in acquiring some of my original artwork this is a great opportunity to win a couple of acrylic paintings. Good Luck!

  follow DVSA via and @DVSA2010

Guess What!!??

I've got an artist talk going on this Thursday 28 April 2011 at the White House Studio Project Located at #277.5 Augusta Ave. Toronto, Ont. come out and listen to me talk about fantastic and strange interactions where science and art make contemporary culture.

Matt Mincoff is an artist/sculptor from Hamilton Ontario and has studied at OCAD (BFA 2007) and RMIT Melbourne (MFA 2010). His practice is an exploration of what is unknown and how can we communicate what should be unexplainable. With this focus on the unknown he has worked with the concepts of the mind, ghosts, identity, invisibility, spirit, relationships and n-dimensional geometry through various approaches to objects, installation, images, sounds and video.
The workshop will discuss various topics that Mincoff has been recently working on through his art practice with slide presentations of his work and relevant media to support the concepts under the title “seeing beyond looking through”.
Doors @ 7pm
Lecture starts at 7:30 sharp
Click here for Facebook event page.