Monday, March 28, 2011

speaking of collaborating

Like i mentioned in the previous post I enjoy working on various projects with different people that I know. This morning i received an email from Australia sent by my pal and partner in crimes Bec. She is a jewlery maker and fellow creator and connoisseur of stuff. I left a few unfinished sculptures with her in hopes that she could help finish them. I was pretty stoked to hear that this is already happening! Bec sent me these photos of what she had added to a simple square base i left with her.


 I really like these gumnut monsters she has made on top of a base that i had made with no idea what to do with. Look at how cute and funny they are! Its really exciting to me to see how things can grow so unexpectedly when you work with someone else. I can't wait to see what else gets made in this collaboration!

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