Thursday, September 10, 2009

oh yeah, that 9/11 thing

WWF Brasil: Tsunami

watch the video version here
this ad not only wasn't selected for use by WWF but it's raised alot of tempers

..ok so i wanted to do a 9/11 post because it's the 8th aniversary tomorrow.
while compiling a post on the following ad and the video that accompanies the image, i was trying to upload a copy of the last image the "i'm falling for you" drawing. Myspace said it was offensive and didn't let me upload it. WTF?

but they did let me upload the WWF Brasil ad. interesting.
no love for 9/11. i guess we still aren't ready to talk about it.
good luck with tomorrow everyone.

and if you're ready to talk about the 9/11 thing, hope you watched this video
Loose Change (Final Cut)

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